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Increase Your Comfort By Getting a Professional Electrical Panel Upgrade in Bay Shore, NY

Your electrical panel is a key component of your home. There, you can control every electrical aspect of your property.

At DelCore Electric, we have over two decades of experience making sure that every electrical component of your property is in good condition. Nowadays, we rely on electricity and technology more than ever before. Feel comfortable and get the chance to use as many appliances as you wish without worrying about fires caused by electrical issues. As technology becomes more advanced and useful for our everyday lives, le load on electrical systems grows as well. Getting an electrical panel upgrade for your house in Long Island, NY, will help you rest easy. Talk to our reliable professionals and find out more about what we can do for you.

What Is an Electrical Panel?
This component is the brain of your entire electrical system. It is inside an electrical panel box made out of metal, and it's usually found in your garage or basement. Since it contains every electric circuit your home needs, it is in charge of receiving and delivering the electricity your property requires to function properly.

Your electrical panel should distribute the exact amount of power to turn on your lights and make your appliances and electronic devices work. Another common name for this component is “fuse box,” but nowadays, most households don’t use fuses anymore.

Did you know that your home electrical panel is in charge of distributing electricity through circuits? Every single room and even some appliances have their own circuits. For example, all your living room outlets are on one circuit, and your bathroom outlets are on another one. Ideally, each circuit should have labels on your panel so that you can have full control over individual rooms. This is extremely convenient whenever you are experiencing issues, and an electrician stops by to make repairs. Your entire home doesn’t have to be in the dark the entire time because you can choose when and where everything needs to be turned off.

Find Out More About Electrical Panels

Panels come in different shapes and sizes. They also use different mechanisms to control each circuit in your house. Learn which type works best for you:

  • Fuse boxes use a wide array of fuses that look like lightbulbs. They are similar to electric plugs that screw into strategic places in your electric panel. Whenever the circuit they are supposed to power becomes overloaded, a wire inside the fuse melts and stops the flow of electricity to that particular circuit. If something happens, you need to replace each fuse manually. For that and other reasons, electricians consider that this is an outdated system, and you should consider getting an electrical panel replacement.
  • Nowadays, circuit breakers are the most common and safest option available. You can find them easily because they are the switches inside the electrical panel. Whenever one of the circuits becomes overloaded, your breakers will switch off the power to it. This simple mechanism helps you save time and money on replacement parts. At the end of the day, all you have to do after this happens is unplug the appliance or electrical device that overloaded the circuit and flip the switch back on.

Prevent Electrical Fires

Do You Really Need an Upgrade?

Your electrical panel is an important component, just like the heart of your property’s power supply. It is the first line of defense against electricity overloads, therefore, it’s important to keep it in good condition. Prevent electrical fires by getting a proper amperage upgrade and ensuring that your electrical wiring is up-to-date. Additionally, if your home still operates on fuses, you should consider getting an upgrade since they are not as reliable and safe. For that reason, insurance companies can even penalize you after noticing that you have an outdated system. We recommend you go over the amount of amperage that goes into your panel. You will note that older properties usually have 60 amp wiring. Nowadays, it is no longer a sustainable amount of amperage for a regular home. Since technology has changed, you need ideally 200 amps to power up your entire house safely. Whether you still have a fuse box or your amperage is low, upgrading your electrical panel wiring is your best option.

Identify If Your Home Needs a Replacement
Your home can tell you that the electrical wiring you currently have is insufficient. Identifying the signs can help you prevent electrical fires and other potentially hazardous and costly issues in the future.

Talk to our master electricians if you notice the following:

  • Circuit breakers are frequently tripping: if your circuits are constantly overloading, that means your current system is not enough to keep up with the electrical demand. Since your use exceeds the supply, the best option is to get an upgrade.
  • Flickering and dimming lights: do your lights dim whenever you use your microwave? This might mean that you are putting a lot of stress on your power system. If your lights start flickering after turning on an appliance, talk to our experts.
  • Getting new appliances: it is exciting to get new and modern appliances that will make your life easier. However, nowadays, they require 240v circuits instead of the typical 120. Make sure your electrical supply is enough by getting an upgrade.
  • Electric shocks: if your outlets or lights shock you when turning them on, plugging something in, then there is something wrong. Give it your immediate attention and talk to our electricians to find the best solution.
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At DelCore Electric, we also offer electrical panel repair services to help you keep your entire property safe from fire hazards. Identifying the signs is important to prevent issues, so reach out to us whenever you notice something out of place. Getting an electrical panel upgrade will help you bring down your electricity bills because newer models are more efficient. Our master electricians in Long Island, NY, use Square D materials to complete every job. This guarantees you’ll get results that last for years. Schedule an appointment today!