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Pools and Spas

Prevent Accidents

Hire Our Pool Electrician to Help in Your Pool Electrical Wiring In Bay Shore, NY

Water and electricity are a dangerous combination. There are several accidents involving these two components, and most of them are fatal.

Prevent these issues by working with our company, DelCore Electric. Thanks to our 25-year trajectory, we have seen everything and know what we are doing. Reach out to our professional pool electrician and request more information about our inground pool electrical wiring services. Make sure your recreation areas in Bay Shore, NY, are safe working with our professionals. We follow all regulations and have our protocols to complete every project perfectly and without delays. You’ll have nothing to worry about after we are done because we use quality materials, tools, and methods to help you prevent future accidents.

Get Professional Assistance

Faulty pool light wiring can cause potentially fatal accidents. Improper grounding or bonding can lead to electrocution. That’s why we complete every project with great care. Contact our certified pool electrician if you notice something out of place with your pool. We’ll assess every area and ensure that everything is safe to use.

At DelCore Electric, we make safety our utmost priority. Therefore, we ensure that your pool lights, motor, and outlets are up to code. Our services also apply to indoor spas, and we offer automatic pool cover installation services to protect your pool. Count on us to ensure that wall switches or anything involving electricity is at a safe distance from the water.

We Work With a Major Manufacturer

At DelCore Electric, we take pride in using quality products that last for years. We choose Leviton materials to ensure you get the best results. This manufacturer is a leader in electrical wiring devices and other energy management solutions.

It produces switchers, a lighting control system, and other high-tech components that will make your property more functional. We chose this brand because it offers a wide range of options in appearance and type. If you have any questions about our pool light installation, talk to our electricians. We are happy to tell you what we can do for you and how.

Get Our Installation or Repair Services

Follow the Swimming Pool Electrical Code
Owning a pool requires great responsibility, especially if you want to build one from scratch. There are a variety of requirements that need to be considered.

Choosing the right pool electrical panel is one of the most important parts of these projects. It is also known as the swimming pool control cabinet, which is essential if you want your pool to work the way you expect. This is where all the circuits go, and we take great care to classify them and divide them properly. Doing so helps keep a better organization and control. Our pool electrician ensures that all electrical parts are connected to the panel so you can switch them on and off.

After we are done, we’ll show you how to operate every part and ensure you can handle the entire panel correctly. Let us help you choose the right pool or spa panel for you. For this, we’ll have to learn more about your plans and expectations. To choose the right frame, we need to know the characteristics and requirements of your pool. It all depends on the size, type of pumps, and lighting. We guarantee that everything will get a good current to keep every component working perfectly.

Find Experts Who Know How to Do the Job

Ensure you meet all the above-ground pool electrical requirements by working with our professionals. Pool lights are the most evident risk area for electrocution. For that reason, you need to seek expert assistance if you need reliable pool lighting installation, repair, and maintenance for your property. We complete the job perfectly to protect you from any stray voltage. Additionally, we use materials that protect the connection from deterioration from chemicals and water.

Prevent Future Problems

Pool lights eventually fail, especially if they are old. Since you need to add chemicals to the water to keep it clean, the lamp housing and cord casing begin to rust. Older or modified lights can lead to potentially hazardous situations, so we recommend you work with professionals.

Since some older components are no longer available in the market, we can help you find the best replacements. We’ll walk you through the options and explain the process step by step so that you understand what we are doing.

Prevent Potentially Hazardous Problems
Pools require extra attention, so call our professionals if you suspect a problem.

As experienced electricians, we can detect and repair potentially hazardous problems, including faulty wiring. This issue can allow water to get right where the electricity is and could lead to deadly consequences. We’ll arrive at your home on time and check that the wiring has continuous ground and that your lights have separate grounding systems.

Our professional pool electrician recommends homeowners keep from trying the job themselves because they could be putting their lives at risk. Water is a great conductor of electricity. If you notice something out of the ordinary, we recommend you turn off the power immediately, especially if you want to get inside your pool and help anyone. Reach out to us to ensure that your pool light wiring is in the right place.

Spas and pools should be tested and checked every year before the season begins. To prevent light or pool pump wiring problems, you must schedule periodic maintenance or inspection services. If you notice any damage or faulty parts in your pool lighting system, get our pool light repair. Prevent potential shock risk or overloaded circuits today! Our experts from DelCore Electric in Bay Shore, NY, are ready to assist you; schedule our inground pool electrical wiring services now.