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Welcome to DelCore Electric! We are a family-owned and operated electrical company based in Bay Shore, NY. Thanks to our 25 years of experience offering electrical services, we can complete any type of residential and commercial project that you may have.

Our clients and exhaustive efforts have helped us build a strong reputation because we complete our work effectively and on time. Ensuring that our clients are satisfied with everything we do moves us forward. Therefore, we strive to keep learning and find new ways to do the job. Being up to date with the latest technology will help you get quality solutions that guarantee energy efficiency and other properties that will keep your home or business safe. If you want to know more about what we can do for you, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Customer Satisfaction

We work carefully to understand your unique requirements and deliver the best solutions.


We have over two decades of experience assisting commercial and residential clients alike.


We explore new brands and electrical techniques to ensure you only get the best results.


We are constantly looking for the best solutions for your unique needs and budget.

Get Personalized Electrical Services

Our mission is to offer services that make you feel satisfied and happy. Therefore, we take our time to understand your problem and what you need before starting any project. Let us assess the entire situation and determine the best solution for your particular needs and budget. We care about every detail, so you can rest assured that your property will receive the best care and attention during our entire visit.

Since we offer personalized services, we can help you design an electrical wiring system that fits your requirements. Count on our experts to be by your side and answer all your questions before starting the job. We are ready to show you what we can do! So sit back and let our professionals show you the best materials available on the market and explain the benefits of each.

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Work With Our Committed Professionals

Complete Your Projects Successfully

We are licensed and insured electricians that never stop learning about the latest developments. Our professionals are highly qualified to work with various products from major manufacturers, including Siemens, Square D, and Leviton.

Since we use materials of the highest quality, you can rest assured that the results will last for years. We take pride in following high standards of knowledge, quality, and excellence. At DelCore Electric, we believe that our clients deserve nothing but the best. That’s why we combine our best materials with our expertise to create results built for longevity. We pay close attention to the latest local codes and regulations to ensure that we do exactly what your home or business needs. Talk to our professionals if you want to know what will work best for your specific property type. We know that your commercial or residential space is a big investment so working with experienced professionals is imperative to guarantee you get the expected results.

Need EV Charger Installation?

Do you have an electric car? We know that they are becoming more and more popular thanks to their environmentally-friendly qualities. Reducing your carbon footprint doesn’t have to be hard. Our electricians are qualified and certified to help you if you need an EV charger installation. G

Getting our services will help you save time and money because you’ll have your own space to charge your car while doing other activities. Getting our chargers will help you spend more time on the road because you can charge your vehicle at night while you sleep and wake up to a fully charged battery. We work with a variety of brands and also install EV charging stations in commercial properties. Talk to our experts to find out more.

Do You Have Trouble With Your Pool?

It is common knowledge that water and electricity are a potentially deadly combination. Most accidents involving these two are often fatal. Working with master electricians is the best whenever you need help repairing your inground pool electrical wiring.

Through the years, we have seen it all, so rest assured that if you have a problem, we’ll be able to fix it. We follow all regulations and safety measures to complete the job without accidents. At DelCore Electric, we want you to enjoy your recreation areas. That’s why we use quality tools and materials that guarantee that water and electricity will never mix.

Make Electrical Upgrades Today

Being a homeowner means there is a lot you need to take care of, especially if you are starting new construction. Our residential electrician can help you design and install your electrical wiring. This is the time to get creative! We are ready to help you plan how many outlets and switches you’ll need per room.

Additionally, we can help you with your lighting installation project to ensure your spaces are illuminated the way you want. Do you need new appliances? Older homes usually need electrical panel upgrades to keep your breakers from tripping whenever you want to use your microwave. If you need assistance with any electrical issue, contact us and get professional advice and assistance.

Prevent Disruptions

Power outages are extremely bothersome, especially now that we rely on electricity more than ever. Prevent disruptions in your daily activities or operations by getting our generator installation service. Weather conditions and other failures are unpredictable, preventing these issues from ruining your day with our help.

Our residential and commercial electrician can help you find the best generator. We’ll arrive at your property and evaluate your budget and electrical needs before determining the best solution for you. Interruptions during blackouts will be a thing of the past!

Get Our Electrical Services
At DelCore Electric, we pride ourselves on offering quality services to help you achieve your goals. Ensure that your commercial or residential property in Bay Shore, NY, is a safe place!

We are committed to listening to your needs and using the information you provide to fulfill your requests. Our professionals complete every project perfectly while keeping our costs competitive. We aim to offer affordable electrical services people can get to achieve their goals. As your trusted electrical company, we are eager to learn more about your projects and find ways to help you make your electrical system more efficient. Talk to us today and schedule an appointment!

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